Readers, today I have a question for you.  What do you think is a reasonable amount for my family of 5 to spend on groceries?

A few details:

-4 out of 5 in our family have a dairy intolerance, so we buy Almond and Rice milk.

-I have a soy intolerance, and if you don’t already know, soy is in EVERYTHING.  I can buy very little in the way of processed fooods, so I have not really tried to coupon recently as most coupons are for some form of processed food.

-We live in an area of the country that does not double coupons.

-When I can fit it in, I am trying to buy organic fruits and veggies (though I don’t feel we have to eat them exclusively, and I won’t buy them if they are outlandlishly expensive.)

-We have three kids: a seven year old boy who seems to eat as much as an adult :), and two girls ages 2 and 1.  The two year old is very fussy, but the 1 year old will eat almost anything.  (Love that!)

-Once a year we spend about $600 buying 1/4 side of beef.

I am trying to be frugal with our groceries, but I also want to make food that is healthy and tastes good.  Currently, we are averaging $100 to $110 a week for groceries.

What do you think is a reasonable amount for our family of 5 to spend on groceries given our various intolerances?  What strategies would you suggest for cutting our grocery bill, if it needs to be cut?

How much do you usually spend on groceries for your family?  Do you coupon heavily?

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