Talking Fingers Inc. Review

PB & J Girl is different from my other two kids who prefer to learn by reading and being read to.  PB & J Girl (7.5) likes learning online for some of her work.  She especially likes online language arts program, so when the opportunity came to review Read, Write & Type by Talking Fingers Inc, we said yes.

Talking Fingers Inc. Review

About Read, Write & Type

Read, Write & Type seeks to help young students in lower elementary grades learn to read, write, and type at the same time.  The program teaches phonemic sounds while also teaching what keys to push on the keyboard (with fingers in the proper typing position).  When a particular phoneme is mastered, then the program goes on to teach the child how to write and type c-v-c words and more complex words from there.

The program is written in simple terms a child can easily understand.  For instance, when learning the short vowel sound for “i” students are instructed to put their tall finger on the “k” key and then reach up for the “i”.  I like that they use vocabulary like tall finger instead of middle finger because tall finger is easier for a young child to understand.

Talking Fingers Inc. Review

In addition, the program rewards children in fairly regular increments.  After every four letters a child masters, they receive a certificate.  This was great motivation for my daughter.

How We Used Read, Write & Type

We used this program as a supplement to our regular reading program.  PB & J Girl asked to do this program frequently; she really enjoyed it.

I was at first concerned that it may be too easy for her because she’s moving beyond c-v-c words, and she already knows all of her phonemes.  However, what I didn’t consider was that while she may have mastered the phonemes and the simple writing of c-v-c words, she did not know how to type.  This program helped to teach her the proper way to type, which will be vital going forward in her education.

Talking Fingers Inc. Review

In addition, the parent can choose what level of mastery a student must achieve to move on to the next level.  The program is set for a default of 70%, but since PB & J Girl was reviewing, I set her mastery level at 90%.

Our Thoughts on Read, Write & Type

I love that this program teaches three things at once–reading, writing, and typing!  I was hoping that Cuddle Bug would like this program, but she is just not a kid who likes learning on the computer.  She much prefers to learn with hands on activities and reading.

However, PB & J Girl did love the program, and I definitely saw her typing skills improve.  She asks to do the program every day, and I love seeing her place her hands on home row and begin typing letters instead of hunting and pecking as my son did when he was PB & J Girl’s age.

Who This Program Is Best For

This program is an excellent aid for native speakers in the lower elementary grades as well as ESL students.  In fact, the program has extensive voice-over help in nine languages:  Arabic, Farsi, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish and Tagalog.

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I was one of 85 people to review this program.  To read more reviews, click on the link below:

Talking Fingers Inc. Review

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