Money Saving Mom is filling her freezer little by little every day for the month of May, and it inspired me to do a little extra cooking today.

Wouldn’t it just figure that my last big freezer cooking session occurred before I decided to give up gluten to try to feel better and not so exhausted.  So, I have plenty of meals for the family, but not for me.

Honestly, trying to eat dairy, soy and gluten free has been difficult for me.  However, I have discovered a homemade enchilada sauce I love as well as a Spaghetti Bolognese recipes (complements of eMeals’ Clean Eating plan) that goes great with the corn pasta I just bought, so I made a batch of enchilada sauce to stash in the freezer as well as two personal size bags of the spaghetti sauce and one bag large enough for the family.

My son has to bring a sweet bread to school tomorrow; he decided on Pumpkin Bread, so I made muffins with the remaining batter for my kids and husband.  They can have those for breakfast or snacks.

That is it for today, but I am happy to have my own little stash of meals.

If you have any great gluten, dairy and soy free recipes, I would love it if you would share!

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