If you are off gluten, dairy and soy, there aren’t many restaurants where you can eat.  Such is my current dilemma.  However, one thing I can eat is a Qdoba naked burrito.  My husband offhandedly said I should learn to make it at home, so that is what I set  out to do.  I ended up with something that didn’t exactly taste like Qdoba but was delicious nonetheless.

A great help to me was a Sweet Cumin taco seasoning that a fellow blogger, Edward Antrobus, author of the blog, If You Can Cook You Can Eat, created.  I was excited to try his seasoning because it is both dairy and soy free, which can’t be said of all the little packets in the supermarket.  If you would like to try his new line of 4 taco seasonings, head over to his site for a giveaway that ends on May 26th.

Qdoba Inspired Naked Burrito

Cook one bag of dry beans per the directions on the bag.  When done, add 4 tbsp. Sweet Cumin seasoning and 1/2 cup water.  Simmer covered for thirty minutes.  (This made a lot, so I froze some for later.)

Cook one cup of brown rice in a separate pan.

Make Simple Island Guacamole

Assemble the naked burritos by putting the beans on the bottom, then the rice, then salsa to taste, then lettuce and finally guacamole.  Enjoy as is or stir all together.

Not only is this a fairly simple meal, but it is also meatless, which means it is a little easier on the pocketbook.  Enjoy!

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