This post contains affiliate links.  Last summer, our cat, Henry, was congested and had bloody mucus coming out of his nose.  After two trips to the vet, we discovered our sweet boy had a tumor in his nasal passage.  The vet recommended we not have surgery to remove it because he was 14.5 years old and had a heart murmur.  She thought it likely he would die on the operating table.  We took him home and loved on him, knowing our time with him was limited.  Surprisingly, he lived another year beyond the original diagnosis; just this week we sadly had to put him to sleep.  The last few months, as the tumor grew, he had trouble eating hard food or even soft, smooth food.  We found these pureed cat foods, so I thought I would share them with you today in case you ever need soft, smooth food for an older, sick cat.

Pureed Foods for Cats

Pureed Foods for Cats

Thankfully, there are many pureed cat foods on the market now.

Delectables Bisque

Delectables Bisque was Henry’s favorite and very easy for him to eat.  The food is pureed smooth so the cat can easily lick it up.  The bisque is runnier than the Inaba Churu food (mentioned at the bottom of this list), which may be why he liked it better.

Friskies Lil’ Slurprises

Pureed Cat Food

He loved the broth in Friskies Lil’ Slurprises.  He ate some of the meat/fish that was in each package, but he really loved the broth.  The Lil’ Slurprises and Delectables Bisques were the two main foods we fed him the last few months he was alive because he loved these.

Delectables Stew Lickable Treat

Pureed Cat Food

He also loved the broth in this one.  The broth in the Delectables Stew is thicker than the broth in Lil’ Slurprises, and there are also more chunks of meat or fish in this one than Lil’ Slurprises.

Friskies Lil’ Soups

Pureed Cat Food

This food has a thick, creamy gravy with a few bits of food in it.  At first, Henry liked it, but eventually, it was a little too thick for him.

Friskies Lil’ Gravies

Pureed Cat Food

Henry wouldn’t eat this by itself.  Instead, I mixed it with the pureed special diet food that the vet gave him.  That food was thick, and mixing it with Friskies Lil’ Gravies made it easier for him to eat.

Inaba Churu Lickable Puree

Pureed Cat Food

Many pureed cat foods have shellfish in them, and we discovered Henry did NOT care for shellfish.  The only kind he would eat was shrimp, and he definitely didn’t want too much of it.  While a friend told us about Inaba Churu Lickable Puree, I bought a container, but he turned his nose up at this one because most had shellfish.  However, if you need a pureed cat food, I think most cats would like this one.

Final Thoughts

We miss our Henry so much!  He was always involved with us and very social, which means many daily activities remind us of him.  For instance, whenever my daughters practiced piano, he would jump up on the seat next to them while they played.  Sometimes he even played a few keys.  Now, when they start practicing, we feel the emptiness of not seeing him beside them.  Such a sweet boy.

He wouldn’t have lived as long as he did without the vet’s careful interventions, steroid shots, and these pureed cat foods that not only made eating easier for him but also smelled and tasted good enough that he maintained an interest in food.  I’m so glad manufacturers are now making these kinds of food and hope this list helps you, should your furry friend ever need pureed cat food.

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