We’re off to a bit of a slow start with school this year because we’re still settling in our new house and Arizona in general.  However, we homeschool year round, so the kids have been doing the basics all summer.  We’ll officially start school on September 22nd, so the kids will be doing a full load beginning then.

PB & J Girl will be 6 this fall, so she’s following a kindergarten curriculum.  Cuddlebug is 4.5, so she’ll be following a preschool curriculum.

What The Girls Will Do Together

Much of what I’m going to teach them this year they’ll do together.  However, for some subjects, I’ll be more lenient if Cuddlebug doesn’t want to do the work on a particular day.

Sonlight P4/5.  This is Sonlight’s preschool program.  We’re already about 18 weeks into the 36 week program; I anticipate that we’ll wrap this up around sometime around mid-February.  Then we’ll move to Sonlight’s Core A, but I’m not going to think about that right now.

Daily activities for P4/5 include reading several stories to the girls, doing a skills workbook page or two, singing a popular kids’ song (they change each week), and studying science.

Logic of English, Foundations Level A.  This is the program I’m using to teach PB & J Girl to read and write.  We worked with this program in the late spring when we reviewed it for a TOS Crew Review, but we stopped once I started packing up for the move to Arizona.  Because we’ve had such a large break, we’ll start over from the beginning.  If Cuddlebug wants to join in, we’ll welcome her, but if not, she’ll use this program next year.

MUS Primer.  This is Math-U-See’s beginning math program.  This is another program that we started but stopped thanks to the move.  We’ll pick up where we left off.  Both girls love doing this program.

ARTistic Pursuits The Way They See It.  This is a preschool art program.  PB & J Girl especially loves art, so she’ll really enjoy the two times a week we spend on this.

Kolbe’s religion program.  Kolbe is an online Catholic homeschool.  Bookworm uses about half their curriculum for his study, but I want to wait to use more of that curriculum until the girls are a bit older.  However, we will be using their religion program.  The girls will be learning some more prayers to add to their growing repertoire as well as learning about saints and God and Jesus and how to treat other people.  I also bought a book filled with fun activities related to the liturgical year, so I’ll use that with all three kids.

What I’ll Use for PB & J Girl

PB & J Girl has flown through ABCmouse.com and loved it.  She’s 62% of the way through the 6th and last level (we’ve used this program since January, 2013!).  Now that she’s nearing completion of the program, I was looking for something else for her online.  I found a great program that we’ll use.

Essential Skills Advantage.  This is another program that we tried out through a TOS Crew Review.  PB & J Girl really likes the program, and it helps to teach her to read, so I’m glad she loves it.  She’ll do 4 activities a day.

What I’ll Use for Cuddlebug

ABCmouse.com.  Cuddlebug likes ABCmouse.com, but sometimes she gets distracted by all of the games, animals, and things she can virtually buy.  This year, I plan to have her use ABCmouse.com a few times a week, but I’ll have to keep an eye on her to make sure she does her work first, BEFORE she plays!

Other Activities

In addition, all three kids will go to a weekly park play date with other homeschoolers as well as a weekly PE class.  We’ll likely do an exercise video together once or twice a week, and we plan to take advantage of our community pool.

The girls may also join a twice a month Five in a Row activity group from our local homeschool group.

This will be an exciting year for us because PB & J Girl will hopefully learn to read.  We also look forward to making new friends and settling down in Arizona, at least for a few years!

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