Pork tenderloin was on sale at Meijer two weeks ago for $1.99/lb, so I bought a large package. I got on the web and found a good recipe for slow cooker pork tenderloin. That night, we ate about 1/4 of the two tenderloins that were in the package. The next day, my husband and son packed leftovers for lunch.

Two days later I took another 1/4 of the tenderloin and mixed it with Famous Dave’s sauce to make four pulled pork sandwiches, which we had for dinner with homemade French fries and corn.
Then, because I get tired of having the same cut of meat in a week (even though I use it in different recipes) I froze 1/2 cup of pork in one container and 1 cup of pork in another container.
Sunday we had wonton soup, rice and baby bok choy using the 1/2 cup of pork I had put away and a recipe from Robin Miller of the Food Network. (I love Robin’s recipes! You cook something for the weekend and use the ingredients to make 2 more meals later in the week.)
And finally, on Tuesday we had Pork Fried Rice with another one of Robin Miller’s recipes.
Many people probably cook like this, but I have just started doing so in the last year or so. I used to just cook up the pork tenderloin and suffer through eating the same meal for 5 days until the leftovers were finished. It doesn’t have to be that way. It is possible to eat tasty, varied meals while on a budget.
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