23595ec1f0be4a3db11ea40c92ce6364So, I’m a bit of a planner, hence the blog name.

When I can’t plan for something or something in our lives changes suddenly, well, I find myself off kilter and trying to plan as soon as possible.

Such is the case with this move to Arizona.  We really didn’t even know that a move was possible until about 6 weeks ago, and then we both thought the chance of a move was remote.  Ha ha.

Now, I’m doing my best to plan so this move will be smooth.

We’re planning to be out of our apartment in 2 months.  Yes, that is 59 short days from now!

I have so much to do!

Here’s what we’re planning to accomplish:


Sell the extra stuff we have around the house.  We have a lot to sell including the girls’ outgrown clothes, kitchen equipment we no longer use, one of our deep freezers, a window air conditioner, and homeschool curriculum we either have already used or won’t be using.  We also have baby gates and a baby crib.

Weed through household goods.  I have a lot of cute Christmas decorations patterned with snowmen and the like.  Do people in warm climates put up these types of things in December even though it’s 70 degrees out and there’s no chance of snow?  I’ve never lived somewhere without a traditional winter, so please advise!

Pack up stuff we’re not currently using.  We have some things that we aren’t currently using like long sleeve shirts and pants and the kids’ homeschool curriculum for the fall.  I plan to pack all of these things up in June and create a running list of what’s in each box so packing will be easier when we arrive.

Figure out the timing of our move.  So many things are up in the air; it’s driving me crazy!  After careful consideration and a long meeting with our financial advisor, we’ve decided to take the leap and buy a house.  We did look at houses when we were in Arizona, but we only found one that we fell in love with and thought we could call home.  Now, that house’s price has been dropped and is at a price we’re very comfortable purchasing at.  The only problem is that my husband doesn’t have his signed contract yet, so we’re stalled.  We check the web every day to make sure the house hasn’t sold yet, but if it does, I’m not sure what we’re going to do.

We’ll either have to take another trip to Arizona to see more houses, or we’ll have to just wing it and move the whole family out there, put our stuff in storage, and look for a house once we get there.  That doesn’t sound fun.  Yikes.


Finish Bookworm’s 4th grade curriculum.

Eat up the food we have in the house.

Continue packing.

Iron out the details of our move with a moving company, etc.

Turn off all of our utilities at the end of the month.

Forward our mail.

What Advice Do You Have for Me?

I’m sure I’m forgetting many things right now.

My husband and I have only moved two times during our marriage; the first move was just 5 hours away, and the second move was less than 1/2 a mile when we moved to this apartment.

I have no experience with 2,000 mile moves, especially with children.  Those of you who have experience moving long distances, what advice can you give?

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