Last year I bought a computer at Costco.  It was a lemon right out of the box.  (Of course, my husband insisted I was the problem because he thinks I’m hard on computers and always screw them up.)

I called Costco’s concierge service, and they walked me through some strategies to fix the computer.  At this point, my wonderful husband had customized everything to my liking and had everything set up for me, so I really didn’t want to return it.  Luckily (I thought) I didn’t have to because the Costco customer support seemed to have fixed the computer.

Until, I kid you not, one week after the 3 month window to return the computer had passed.

The Lemon Computer Is Falling Apart, One Piece at a Time

Since then, things have steadily gone down hill.

After about 4 months of ownership, the wireless keyboard and mouse no longer worked with my computer.  (They do work on my husband’s computer, so I know the problem is with my computer, not the wireless keyboard and mouse.)

Then, a few times my computer just wouldn’t turn on all the way.  All that we could see was a blue screen, and my husband had to spend quite a bit of time fiddling with it to get it to work.

A few months ago, the connection to the printer cable no longer worked.  Now I can only print using my husband’s lap top, which means all day when he’s at work, I have no way to print.

Now, the number 2 button won’t work, and whenever I try to watch a video, whether it’s on the Discovery Channel site or Netflix, my computer automatically shuts down.

Costco Comes to The Rescue Again?

I called Costco, and they said I could send it in free of charge to have it repaired, which is a wonderful service.  If Costco deems the computer a lemon, they’ll refund my money.

The problem is that I can’t be without a computer for two to three weeks because it’s how I make my money.  My husband takes his lap top to work all day and needs his at night, so I can’t use his, either.

The plan is to buy a new computer, ship this one off to Costco and hope for a refund.

However, we don’t have the cash for a new computer.

How We’ll Come Up with the Cash

So, my plan is to clean up the basement and sell all of our old stuff that we’re not using.  It may take me two months, but I’m confident we can come up with the money for a new computer.

Meanwhile, we’ll be traveling for about 10 days in October, so maybe I’ll send off the computer then.

How do you handle computer troubles?  What’s your favorite, most reliable brand of computer?

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