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I enjoy reading personal finance books, but I know for many people, finance books can be dry.  Their eyes glaze over, they can’t remember what they’ve read, and soon reading the book becomes the last thing they want to do.  I’m sure you or someone you know feels like this.

That’s why I loved Pirates of Financial Freedom by Joey Fehrman.

Who Is Joey Fehrman?

Joey Fehrman is an Ivy League graduate with over seven years experience in finance.  He has managed millions of dollars for wealthy clients and institutions.

About Pirates of Financial Freedom

Pirates of Financial Freedom is a unique personal finance book.  Rather than just hitting you with dry financial facts, statistics, and examples, Fehrman weaves the financial information around a story about a group of pirates.  The pirates on the crew of Captain Dailey’s ship are living the lives of most pirates–drinking too much, buying on credit, and overextending themselves because they think their next big find of booty is just around the corner.  Captain Dailey asks his son, Joey, a landlubber, to come help the crew learn some financial basics.

The story itself revolves around Captain Dailey’s lifelong search for Duarte’s treasure.  During the story, Captain Dailey finds clues for Duarte’s treasure map which leads him, Joey, and the other pirates to Boca Raton where the treasure map (and treasure) is hidden.  Herein lies the adventure.

This book is perfect for teens or those who do not like reading personal finance books because the financial information is naturally woven into the story.  While the content has an edge of suspense, the story is clean.  My son is only 10, but I wouldn’t hesitate to let him read this book when he is about 12 and would be able to better understand the financial information.

What Financial Information Is Included in Pirates of Financial Freedom

Because this book is for those just beginning their financial journey, the information is more of an introductory nature.  For example, when Joey is explaining how to save for retirement, he explains the various options available such as stocks, bonds and then suggests that the pirates invest in target date mutual funds.  The book doesn’t go into the nitty gritty of investing, for example, but Fehrman does give an excellent overview and simple steps someone can take now to begin investing.

If you’d like to buy the book for yourself or give it as a gift, from now until December 15th, you can get $5 off using the code TreasuredMoms:

I highly recommend Pirates of Financial Freedom as an introduction to financial basics, especially for teens.

What steps are you taking to teach your teen to be financially savvy?

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