My word for the year is BALANCE, so I’ve chosen goals that mesh with living a year of BALANCE.

Personal Goals

  • Take a trip to Michigan this year to see family and friends.  This goal is on hold at least until fall as we had unexpected expenses that we need to cover first.
  • Spend no more than one hour on social media a day (this includes when I have to use it for work).  This is a challenge.  I like to relax in the evening by spending time on Facebook.  Too much time.  It’s cutting into my reading time, so I think it’s time to set a schedule for social media.
  • Read 26 books and review them on Mom’s Plans.  So far I’ve read and reviewed 7 books, so this goal is 27% complete.  In February I read and reviewed 3 books: Real Moms Making Real Money, at Home in Their Pajamas and How You Can, TooHave a Little Faith, and Sala’s Gift. In January I read and reviewed 4 books: In My Brother’s Shadow, An Amish Christmas,  The Year of Learning Dangerously, and Dream House.
  • Exercise 3 days a week.  My exercise got derailed with some dental issues, but this past week, I did exercise 3 times.
  • Finish the Candida Cleanse and be rid of candida!  Progressing.  I have completed 10.5 weeks into the Candida Cleanse have another 3 weeks to go.)
  • Do something fun with my family two times a month.  No.  We did great with this in January, and we’re doing good already in March, but February was a bust.
  • Have at home date night with my husband twice a month.  Failed on that in January and February.  We were just too busy.  Clearly this must change!
  • Read through the entire Little House on the Prairie series with my kids.  Progressing.  Cuddle Bug and I finished reading Farmer Boy, our first book of the year.  (We read Little House in the Big Woods late last year.)  We’re now halfway through Little House on the Prairie.
  • Make at least one homemade present for each of my children for Christmas next year.  Not yet.
  • Clean up my Facebook feed.  (I belong to too many groups and am friends with too many people who aren’t friends.  Time to clean up and clear out.)  Not yet.

Financial Goals

  • Save 3 months’ worth of living expenses.  Stalled.  So far we’ve saved 9.9 days’ worth of living expenses.  We’ve made no more progress because we’re working on paying our unexpected expenses.
  • Live off my husband’s income and put my income in savings.  Yes.
  • Save $750 for travel in case my husband’s family comes to visit this year.  Not yet.
  • Spend $500 or less on groceries every 4 weeks (for a yearly total of $6,500)  Yes.  Doing great with this one so far.
  • Put aside $3,000 for a replacement minivan.  Not yet.

Work Goals

  • Reduce my work load to no more than 20 hours a week, (though ideally it would be 15 hours).  Yes.  I reduced my workload.  This freed up more time for me to focus on homeschooling the kids and taking care of household needs (like our endless dental appointments in February and March).
  • Come up with a work schedule that allows me to get my work done but still have fun with my family.  Still working on this.
  • Officially set up my business as an LLC.  Not yet.
  • Reapply to Amazon’s affiliate program.  (As an Illinois resident, I wasn’t able to be an Amazon affiliate, but as an Arizona resident, I am.)  Completed.
  • Post to Mom’s Plans at least 4 times a week.  Yes.
  • Organize my blog.  (This includes deleting old/irrelevant posts, making posts more Pinterest friendly, and editing and adding categories.)  Not yet.
  • Have 2,000 Pinterest followers.  (I’m currently just shy of 1,000, so if you’d like to follow Mom’s Plans on Pinterest, I’d appreciate it!)  Not yet.  I’m up to 1,014 followers now.  In the beginning of  February, I was at 994 followers.

One blogger I follow broke her goals down in quarterly goals and had great luck achieving them.  Inspired by her success, I plan to also break my goals down by quarters.  Look for that post next week.

What goals do you want to achieve this year?

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