I started my pantry challenge on November 10th.  It has now been 8 days; here is what I have spent thus far:

Groceries:     27.69 (you can see the run down here)
Baby wipes:  11.89 (2 big packages)
Night diapers: 10.53 (my husband gets the girls ready at night and didn’t tell me we were out until they were ALL gone, so there wasn’t time to bargain shop)
1 pkg. Huggies: 5.50 (used $3.50 ECB & $1.00 Q)
2 bottles Palmolive: 0.00 (used $2 ECBs to pay for this)

Total:  $55.61
Remaining balance:  44.39

We are doing fine with meals, but we are starting to get low on fruits again.  The real challenge is going to be diapers, as we are getting very low.  I’ll let you know next week where we are in the process.

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