I am joining Keeper of the Home and having a pantry challenge from May 16th to June 18th.  My goal is to spend no more than $300 in groceries during the duration of the challenge.

Here is what I have bought so far:

Our organic delivery–$61.25









43.5 lbs of strawberries to process into jam and freeze for later in the year–$89.56

Obviously the strawberries took a big chunk of our pantry challenge money, but strawberry season is so short, I had to buy now.  Next Tuesday we will get our first CSA delivery, so I think we should be in good shape, even with the strawberry purchase.

Not pictured are a trip to Whole Foods for relatively good for you sausage (husband was hungry for it) and gluten, dairy and soy free brownies and chocolate chips $19 and a stock up of cumin at the spice store for $9.

Total – $178.81

Amount left through June 15–$121.19

Here is what our menu plans look like during this pantry challenge:

Menu Planning for May 20, 2012

Menu Planning for May 27, 2012


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