This post contains affiliate links.  In the last few months, my weight loss had slowed.  Some months, I was only losing .5 pounds a week.  Also, I started having physical symptoms that let me know I was once again intolerant to oatmeal.  🙁  So, I decided to go Paleo again for awhile.  I always feel better on a Paleo diet, and I lose weight more quickly.  I started in September, and that month, I lost six pounds.  The only exception I’m making to when I ate Paleo previously is that this time I’m letting myself eat white potatoes.  Because my family doesn’t always have Paleo meals, I had a Paleo freezer cooking session in October, when the temps got cooler.

Paleo Freezer Cooking Meals

I tried to find recipes that were not only Paleo, but also fit within the Weight Watchers Blue plan.  Many of these recipes are five or less points per serving.  Here’s what I made:

Paleo Freezer Cooking October 2021

Turkey Sweet Potato Chili,

Sweet Potato Chicken Poppers,

Paleo Chili,

Butternut Squash Apple Soup, (I left out the coconut milk and vinegar)

And here are som other recipes I plan to make in the next few weeks, but I didn’t get them cooked during my freezer cooking session:

Sausage & Vegetable Stuffed Delicata Squash,

Paleo Pumpkin Pancakes,

Final Thoughts

I don’t know how long I’ll be following a Paleo plan, but while I’m trying to improve my health issues, this seems the best way to eat.  I prioritize fruits and vegetables and try to limit my meat consumption.  Here’s hoping eating this way continues to work on the weight loss and health fronts.

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