We have a very small garden this year as an experiment.  We wanted to see what worked well and what didn’t so we can make a bigger garden next year.  What we learned is that deer like our garden, so we’ll have to either fence in our yard or put a fence around the garden next year.

FYI, my husband tried his best to garden in Arizona, but most of the time it felt like a losing battle.  He was good at growing kale, collard greens and some bok choy.  The high heat killed everything else.  We also tried our hand at gardening in Chicago, but we didn’t have room on our rental, so we had to use a community garden.  Unfortunately, most everything we grew a neighbor stole.

The Current State of Our Garden

Here’s what we have growing now:

We have three planters of tomatoes.  One Black Beauty and two Mountain Magic.  We’ve already gotten about 20 tomatoes so far, and they’re sweet and delicious.

Tomato plants on a deck


Next, in the long containers, we had a variety of lettuce, green onions, and radishes.  However, most of the crops, except the green onions have been harvested.

Green onions in a container


In another part of the yard, we had to pull up the sugar snap peas and will wait a few more weeks before we plant fall crops there, so no pictures.

We harvested our beets that the deer loved, and now we’ve planted a zucchini in the back box.  In the front box, we still have a lot of lettuce growing.

Zucchini and lettuce in a container garden


Finally, we have two more round containers.  Even though the deer have been enjoying the pepper plants, we have some peppers that are ready to harvest.

Green peppers

And, in the other round container, the tomatoes are coming along nicely.

Ripe tomatoes on the vine


Even though we didn’t have a large garden this year, we’ve enjoyed the lettuce, tomatoes, green onions, and the few beets the deer didn’t get.

Are you growing a garden?  If so, what did you plant and how does your garden look?

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