Last year, we headed down to Mulberry Lane Farm, the only farm in Illinois to offer u-pick organic strawberries and picked and bought 43.5 pounds of strawberries.  While we thought we had bought plenty, we ran out around January (though we did have some jars of jam left).  It was a sad few months without strawberry smoothies

This year, we went to Mulberry Lane Farm again with the mission to pick even more berries.  The kids are bigger (and more patient), and Bookworm and Peanut Butter and Jelly Girl worked hard in the fields picking the berries.  (Cuddle Bug helped, but after an hour, she was so over picking strawberries!)

What We Bought:

100_4952In total, we ended up with:

30.5 lbs. of u-pick strawberries @ 2.99/lb = $91.19

6 lbs. of already picked strawberries @ 4.99/lb = $29.94

30 lbs. of already picked seconds @ $1.99/lb. = $59.70

All told, we bought 66.5 lbs of organic strawberries for $180.83 or $2.71/lb

What Did We Do with All Those Strawberries?

100_4960For the 36 hours from bringing home the strawberries to processing them all, we were VERY busy.  But now it’s all done, and we have a healthy supply of strawberries.  Here’s what we made with all of our berry loot:

24 jars of strawberry jam

12 quart bags of strawberry rhubarb compote (to mix in with homemade yogurt or in smoothies)

6 quarts of strawberry syrup

6 gallon bags of frozen whole strawberries

We also made some Almond Strawberry Granola, and of course we ate quite a few of them fresh.

If you’ve only bought strawberries at the grocery store, you’re missing out!  These strawberries have a concentrated flavor that can’t be beat.  Plus, the kids had fun picking the strawberries, and Bookworm even enjoyed helping me prep them for processing.

Fun family trip and good food to last all season?  That’s a win!

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