Our little garden is in transition.

The green pepper plant is still producing, albeit a bit slower.  The pepper thief or animal is still around.  I was waiting to pick 5 almost ready peppers on Thursday.  When I went back today, they were gone.  At least there are some small ones still growing.  I’ll just have to keep an eye on them and pick them as soon as they are ready.

The little Roma tomato plant that was just a stub in the spring when the main plant was knocked over in storm and died, has produced a few more tomatoes that I removed while they were still green to promote more growth of the other little tomatoes that are on the vine.

The hot pepper plants?  Well, they just won’t quit.  My husband is going to have enough hot peppers to last for a long while at this rate.

Our bok choy is growing nicely, though one plant is beginning to flower.  Is it supposed to flower?  I don’t think so.

The lettuce plants are finally recognizable, but I am afraid that they won’t have enough time to grow.  We were under a frost advisory last night.  Our frost date isn’t supposed to be until October 15th, so I hope it doesn’t come early this year.

In the 21 days since my last report, we were able to harvest the following:

Zucchini:  0 (all plants were pulled up)

Green Peppers: 14

Red Peppers:  0

Hot Peppers: 62

Cucumbers:  0 (all plants were pulled up)

Roma Tomatoes:  12

Onions:  7

For the entire season, we have gotten the following produce from our garden:

Zucchini:  15

Green Pepper:  29

Red Pepper:  11

Hot Peppers:  122

Cucumbers:  25

Cherry Tomatoes:  818

Roma Tomatoes:  12

Onions: 8

If you are gardening, how is your garden doing or is it done for the season?

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