I worried about having too many zucchini this year, but that worry was unfounded.  About 10 days ago, I noticed some leaves on the zucchini plant were yellow and wilting; the zucchini on the plant was wilting and dying.  I saw a few bugs, so a nice Mom’s Plans’ Facebook reader suggested spraying the bugs with a mix of dish soap and water.  I returned to do that, but I didn’t see bugs any more and I didn’t see any eggs under the leaves.  I did see a lot of black ants, but I don’t know if they can kill vegetables.

I was sick with a stomach bug and couldn’t go to the garden for 5 days.  Hubby assured me everything was fine, but when I finally made it to the garden, it was too late.  The zucchini have stems that are eaten out, little white dots on the base of the plant and big white spots that look like mold on the leaves.  There is no new zucchini growing.  The cucumber, which was growing in between the zucchini, are wilted and dying.  All the cucumbers on the vine have shriveled up and died, and the vines have all shriveled.

Can anyone tell me what happened?  What does this sound like?

We have decided to just pull up the plants since they took up the majority of our square foot garden.  Instead, we will try to plant another tomato plant and a few more green pepper plants.  Our tomato and pepper plants that are already there are growing great.

In the last 13 days since my last report, we were able to harvest the following:

Zucchini:  3

Green Peppers: 0

Red Peppers:  7

Hot Peppers: 1

Cucumbers:  15

Tomatoes:  15

For the entire season, we have gotten the following produce from our garden:

Zucchini:  8

Green Pepper:  0

Red Pepper:  9

Hot Peppers:  4

Cucumbers:  16

Tomatoes:  15

If you are gardening, how is your garden doing?

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