We have been so dry around here with very little rain in the month of June.  So, when the heat helped fuel a pop up storm, we were excited.  But with 60 to 80 mph wind gusts, I was afraid the wind would destroy our garden.  While the zucchini look a little windswept and the tomato trellis was askew, everything survived, which is great, because I can tell in a few weeks it is going to be producing a lot.

Our little cucumber plants are growing, and I see little 1 inch cucumbers every where.  It will soon be time to can pickles!  The zucchini continue to produce steadily and finally, the stagnant green peppers are starting to produce.

Our little tomato plant is covered with small green cherry tomatoes.  I wonder how long it takes for them to ripen?  I have seen tomatoes on the vine for about two weeks now, but they aren’t ripe yet.

Since our last garden report, we were able to harvest 5 zucchini, one green pepper, one red pepper and 3 hot peppers.

Now that the garden is producing, I will keep a running total:

Zucchini: 5

Green peppers: 3

Red peppers:  2

Hot peppers:  3

Cucumbers: 1

Tomatoes:  0

If you are gardening, how is your garden doing?




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