Two green pepper plants with a zucchini and tomato plant behind them.

We ended up taking our staycation on the road for a few days, and we were surprised both by how much the garden had grown in that time, and how many leaves had turned yellow because we hadn’t watered in 4 days.  It has been very dry here with less than an inch of rain for the whole month of June.  I had been diligent about watering; now the poor plants are turning yellow, but I think we caught it early enough that everything should be fine.

A bell pepper plant in the corner, and the zucchini and cucumber fighting it out.

The zucchini plants are turning into the monsters everyone predicted.  We put two zucchini in tomato cages to try to contain them, but I think that just stopped production on the biggest one.  We also have four cucumber plants that are spreading like crazy while getting crowded out by the zucchini.  I plan to create a structure to trellis the cucumbers this week.

The tomato plant is filled with dozens of small little green tomatoes; hopefully those will be ready to pick in the next week or so.

This week we were able to harvest 2 zucchinis and one red bell pepper.  I am hoping garden production will ramp up soon.  I am having so much fun watching our veggies grow!

If you are gardening, how is your garden doing?

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