Finally, the garden is producing!  I’m inspired by Mavis at One Hundred Dollars a Month, so like her, I’ve decided to list by pounds and ounces how much we’re able to get from our garden.

In the last week, we’ve gotten:

5 oz. of green beans

1 lb. of Swiss chard

3 oz. of tomatoes (5 small ones)

1 cucumber (I forgot to weigh this one before we devoured it!)

There are two more cucumbers almost ready to harvest.
There are two more cucumbers almost ready to harvest.

I have dreams of having a huge garden when we buy a house, but now I’m wondering how large that garden would need to be to be our main vegetable supply.  We have two square foot garden boxes, but so far we’ve gotten a pitiful amount of food from them.  I know the late killing frost was part of the reason, but still, we’d need a large garden and an early start.

Our sad little garden is looking much better.
Our sad little garden is looking much better.














However, I’m hopeful that this month we’ll be able to harvest more.  The sad little square foot garden box is looking more luscious.  Even our cucumber plants that I really thought would die have finally started producing.
















In our other square foot box, we’re getting lots of Swiss chard.  The bok choy I planted is also growing nicely.

We had four tomato plants grow spontaneously, but two of them are still small and don’t have any tomatoes started yet, so I think I’m going to pull them out and instead plant more bok choy.  Bok choy is one of the greens I can eat, and it gets expensive to buy organic.  I’d rather grow as much as I can on my own.

So far this year, we’ve harvested total:

11 oz. of green beans

2 lbs. of Swiss chard

6 oz. of tomatoes (1 larger tomato; 5 small tomatoes)

.3 oz. of basil

If you’re gardening, how is your garden doing?

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