There’s about to be a harvest!  The Swiss chard has gotten huge, so it’s time to harvest some of those outer leaves.  Hit me up!  What are your favorite Swiss chard recipes?  What’s the best way to preserve it?
















I’m anticipating a bit of a tomato issue soon, too.  Our CSA is known for their tomatoes, and they send us 5 to 8 tomatoes every week.  Thanks to 4 plants that spontaneously grew in our garden, we now have 7 tomato plants, and 4 of them are full of green tomatoes in various stages of growth.  What’s your favorite way to use and preserve tomatoes?

100_5196Another question.  Our basil is flowering.  Is it still good?  Should I worry about the flowers?
















The sad little garden plot is finally coming to life.  The bean plants are full of small, cute little beans.












The kale and collard greens are finally visible to the naked eye, and I planted some bok choy in the empty spaces.  It even looks like one of our cucumber plants will make it.

The garden is growing.  Look for our first harvest next week.

If you garden, how is yours going?

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