Well, our square foot gardening adventures should be called a tale of two different boxes.

100_5074The box we used last year is doing great.  There are 5 little tomatoes on the tomato plants, the Swiss chard is plentiful (though my mom and son wanted to pull it because they thought it was a weed!), and you guys were right, the spontaneous plants are peppers.  I’m not sure yet if they’re jalapeno peppers or green peppers since we had both in the garden last year.  I had to pull out some because they were taking over, but still, there are a lot of pepper plants.

It also looks like one zucchini plant grew spontaneously, and there are also two small tomato plants.  If it ever stops raining around here, I’m going to try to move those, especially the zucchini because it’s smack dab in the middle of the garden.

100_5075The other box, well, I’ll be honest, it’s just kind of embarrassing.  All the garden boxes are lush, or lusher than ours.  This new little garden box, well, it’s just kind of sad right now, but I have hope.  The kale is growing bigger ever day as is the collards.  I’m not sure if the cucumber plants are going to make it, but the beans are growing great.  I’ll just have to keep waiting for this one to grow in.  It’s kind of like babies, right, some don’t get hair until they’re two, but nobody’s bald at five.  This little garden will have produce come August. . .I hope.  🙂

Gardening, it’s always an adventure.

How is your garden progressing?

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