Well, our gardening efforts this year are off to a rough start.  First, a frost came through for several days that killed the original garden we planted in early May.  Then, we planted again toward the end of May, and suddenly the rain came. . .a lot of it.  I felt like we were living in the monsoon season.  (Not that there is one here.)

But finally, the temperatures are starting to climb, and we’re getting sunny days to balance out the rainy days.  And plants are growing!

Here’s our first square foot garden:


The bush beans at the end are growing great.  The cucumbers at the other end, well, two of the eight plants have died.  (One died naturally, and the other was the victim of someone who apparently walked through our garden as there was a large foot print on it when I checked last week.)  The perils of gardening at a community garden in an urban setting.

The middle of the garden looks like it’s empty, but there is really collard greens and kale growing.












Our second square foot garden is doing much better, but it desperately needs weeding.


I haven’t weeded it yet because there is some plant growing that I don’t remember planting.  I don’t know if it is a weed or a tree or something that was planted before, but it’s all over the garden in a regular fashion.  Anyone know what this is?


As soon as I have a better idea whether this is a weed or a plant, I’ll clean up the garden.  Meanwhile, one tomato plant has the first tomato growing, and the Swiss chard is coming along nicely.  I can’t wait to see the garden in a few weeks.


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