We are trying our hand at gardening in a community garden, and it has been fun to watch things grow.  The zucchini plants are growing so quickly.  We have 5 planted, but I think we will have to pull out a few because there won’t be enough room for all of them, and every experienced garden I have spoken with has said that 5 squash plants is way too many.

Our green pepper plants are also flourishing.  We have three plants; one was grown from seed and is just getting blossoms.  The other two were bought at a green house and had 15 peppers on them last week.  I was able to pick the first two peppers, but someone stole 4 of them because now the plant only has 9 peppers.  I am quite sure it wasn’t an animal because I could see where the peppers were cleanly plucked off, and only the biggest ones were missing.  I am a little disappointed about this, but really, what is to stop anyone from helping themselves?  I am trying to tell myself that perhaps it is a parent who needs food for their kids.  Then I can think of it more like a charity donations rather than theft.  🙂

We also have 4 small cucumber plants growing and one tomato plant.  (We lost a second tomato plant on a windy day.)

If you are an experienced gardener, how do you think the garden looks?  Any advice or tips you have are appreciated!

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