14 Side of Grass-Fed BeefOne of the best ways to save on grass-fed beef is to buy it direct from the farmer.  We’ve found a local source, and twice a year, we buy 1/4 side from him.  We just picked our latest order up a few weeks ago, and I’m so excited to have our deep freezer filled with healthy beef to last through the summer and into the fall.

I know some of you have not bought 1/4 side of beef before, so I wanted to share what we got.  As you’ll see, you can get this meat at quite a reasonable cost.


We received with our order:

1 package of tallow,
3 whole tongue (this is all my husband’s to enjoy as it grosses me out),
1 oxtail,
4 liver,
2 – 1/2 heart,
3 chuck roasts,
1 eye of round roast,
2 round bone roast,
29 packages burger,
1 big & 3 little packages of soup bones,
3 London broil,
1 brisket,
3 rib eye steaks,
3 T-bone steaks,
2 sirloin tip steaks,
3 top sirloin steaks,
1 Porterhouse steak,
1 tenderloin steak,
1 tri-tip steak,
1 bottom round roast
3 ribs,
3 packages of stew meat

IMG_7720Technically, we only paid for the burger, steaks, roasts, etc.  The organ meat was added on for free.  So, I thought I would compute our overall cost with both the organ meat and without.

Overall, we paid $655.50 for this order of beef.

Without the organ meat, we had 102.5 pounds of meat, or $6.39 per pound.

However, the organ meat and tallow was an additional 27.5 pounds of meat, bringing our total of meat to 129 pounds.  When I use that total, we paid $5.08 per pound for everything.

We’re also trying something new this summer–ordering 1/2 side of pork.  I’ll let you know what we get when we get it.

Do you order meat directly from the farmer?  If so, how much do you pay per pound?

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