Our plan has always been to only buy the meat CSA for 6 months and then to take a break for 6 months.  The meat CSA produces amazing quality organic meat, but it is pricey.  (We paid $785 for 6 months.)  However, now that I am on a special diet that requires a diet heavy on protein for at least a few months, we are considering subscribing for another 6 months.

This is our second to last delivery.  Next month will be our last delivery, and we will have to decide whether or not we want to purchase a share for the next 6 months.  It is expensive, but I think it would be even more expensive to buy organic meat at a store.  What to do, what to do?

Here is what came in our share this month:

Pork Spare Ribs – 2.51 lbs. @ 4.00 lb = $10.04

Ground Beef – 4 lbs

Pork Shoulder Roast – 2.76 lbs. @ 6.99 lb = $19.29

Pork Chops – 2.25 lbs @ 6.99 lb = $15.73

Lamb Shoulder Roast

Ground Pork

Whole Chicken – 8 lbs.

Lamb Shoulder Steak

I don’t have full details this week because some of the smaller cuts didn’t have the weight written on the packages.  Also, our CSA used to list the price per pound of each type of meat on their website, but they recently had a redesign, and I can’t find the prices any more.

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