One interesting thing that I have realized is that when you get a meat CSA, you can clearly see which animals were butchered recently.  This month was heavy on the lamb and pork, which I am not complaining about.

Unlike a grocery store where you can pick up several different kinds of meat, each meat CSA delivery seems heavy on one or two types of animals.  It feels more natural and farm-like that way.

Unfortunately, the chicken halves we also received were a bit too natural and farm-like for me as there was blood inside the frozen package; one had so much blood that I couldn’t even read the label.  That has been my only UGH moment so far with this CSA.  (Sorry vegetarians who might be reading!)

Here is what this delivery had:

3 Chicken Halves – don’t know weight because of said blood, but they sell for $4.19/lb.

3/4″ Pork Chops – 1.57 lbs @ 6.99/lb = $10.97

Pork Chops – 2.32lbs @ 6.99/lb = $16.21

Pork Spare Ribs – 2.95 lbs (unsure how much these go for per pound)

Ground Lamb – 1.06 lbs @ 8.99/lb = $9.53

Lamb Loin Chops – 2 pkgs, no weight given but they run $15.99/lb.

Pork Country Style Ribs – 1.68 lbs. @ 6.50/lb =  $10.92

You may wonder why organic whole chickens from Costco still show up in our organic grocery challenge when we get so much meat from the meat CSA, the majority of which we haven’t used yet.

Well, I have been stocking my freezer with freezer meals using our veggie CSA ingredients, and many of those meals are soups which require chicken broth.  I only use homemade now because the store bought ones contain ingredients that I can’t eat without upsetting my stomach.  We have so much shredded chicken in the freezer for use in the winter because I am buying the whole chickens mostly for the broth.  Then, in the winter, I will buy very little in the way of whole chickens.

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