Once a month for six months, we get a large share of the organic meat CSA we signed up for.  We will be getting these through October.

This month, we got another nice selection of meat.  (You can see what we got in the first delivery here.)  I am really starting to enjoy this CSA; we’ll decide in the next few months whether it is something we will subscribe to for just 6 months at a time or for the whole year.

This time we received:

Spare ribs – 3.20 lbs @ $4.00/lb = $12.80

Pork shoulder roast – 2.98 lbs @ 6.99/lb = 20.83

Pork chops – 2.82 lbs. @ 6.99/lb = $19.72

These other cuts were included but weren’t clearly marked by weight or per pound cost:

1 Whole Chicken – 6 lbs.

6 – 1/3 lb. ground beef patties – 1.85 lbs.

Ground lamb – 1.03 lbs.

Ground beef – 1 lb.

Lamb leg steaks – 1.08 lbs.

We paid $785 for 6 months, or approximately $130 per month.  This month we received approximately 20 pounds of meat, which comes out to $6.50 per pound.  When we get the 1/2 side of beef from my cousin’s husband, we are paying approximately $5 per pound (for all cuts including ground beef , steaks, and stew meat in addition to beef tenderloin), so the prices are right on par.

Have you ever subscribed to an organic meat CSA?  Would you consider it?

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