100_4287We picked up our meat CSA on Tuesday, and I must say the portions are smaller.  I know that the price was going up because of the drought last summer, but the way the farm remedied that was by having a 5 month delivery instead of a 6 month delivery.  I thought that would be the only adjustment made, but the prices are higher, too, meaning we get less for our money.

We are likely going to stop receiving the meat CSA after this one is over in April because U.S. Wellness Meats and Tropical Traditions have roughly the same (or sometimes cheaper !) meat prices, and we get to pick the cuts we want.  For instance, this time in the meat CSA there was pork neck bones.  What am I supposed to do with that?

At any rate, here is what we received:

Pork Spare Ribs – 3.02 lbs. @ 6.59/lb = $19.90

Lamb Shoulder Steak – 1.02 lbs. @ 10.99/lb = $11.21

Center Cut Pork Chops – 1.45 lbs @ 8.39/lb = $12.17

Lamb Loin Chops – .69 lbs @18.99/lb = $13.10

Beef Summer Sausage – 1.13 lbs @10.99/lb = $12.42

Pork Neck Bones – 1.43 lbs @ 6.99/lb = $10.00

Whole Chicken – 5.48 lbs @ 4.99/lb = $27.35

Half Chicken – 2.28 lbs @ 5.99/lb = $13.66

For those of you looking for the regular Thursday Organic Grocery Challenge, it will be back next week.

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