100_4650This was our last delivery with our current meat CSA.

Because we were often receiving cuts that we didn’t care for like neck bones and because the prices were rising, we decided to stop using this CSA.

We visited a new farm a few weeks ago and will be getting some of our pork, chicken and eggs from them next month.

Here’s what we received for our last CSA delivery:

Lamb Shoulder Roast  2.95 lbs @ 10.99/lb = $32.42

Pork Chops 2.51 lbs. @ 8.39/lb = $21.06

Pork Should Roast 3.40 lbs. @ 9.59/lb = $32.80

Lamb Shoulder Steak .83 lbs @ 10.99 = $9.12

Pork Country Style Ribs 1.61 lbs. @ $7.89 = $12.89

Beef Stew Meat 1.05 lbs (no price given)

Whole Chicken with Missing Parts (no weight or price given)

Bratwursts 1.31 lbs @ $7.99 = $10.47

Ground Round 1.03 lbs @ 8.39/lb = $8.64

It’ll be interesting to see how the new CSA is compared to this one.

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