Our master bathroom was tired.  The shower leaked behind a wall about five years ago, and we had to spend a fortune in mold remediation.  This year, we noticed that the shower door did not seal well and also had rusted off in some parts, most likely because it was original to our 25 year old house.  So, we decided to bite the bullet and remodel the shower.

We called two tile companies for quotes and ended up going with the second one.  Although it was a bit more expensive, they guided us every step of the way and even ordered the tile and fixtures for us.

The Shower Before

Here’s what our shower looked like before:

The Shower After

And, here’s what the shower looked like after:


Even though the tile company really encouraged us to get a glass door, we opted just to go with a shower curtain.  Our water here is hard, even with our water filter, and we didn’t want to have to struggle to keep the shower door clear.  In the end, I’m pleased with our decision to go with the curtain.

The only aspect I dislike about the new shower is that we’re not supposed to use any cleaning chemicals on it.  Instead, we need to use a towel to wipe down all the water off the walls and floor.  I’m sure we’ll get used to this new habit soon, though.

(If you’d like to see the shower install process step-by-step, check out my Instagram posts.)

Removing Our Vanity Mirror

We also opted to have the tile guys remove our vanity mirror.  Whoever installed it previously had not put a ledge at the bottom of the mirror to protect it from water, so the bottom was in rough shape.  However, once they removed the mirror, we were left with this, so clearly, there will be a master bathroom remodel part two soon!

My Goals for 2022

One of my goals for 2022 is to finish this side of the master bathroom.  We just haven’t decided how we’ll do it or if we’ll do it ourselves or hire someone.

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