School3059671572_de84735b4eA few years back when my son was just in first grade, he suffered from a serious incident that happened to him at school.  I’m not at liberty to say what that incident was, but my husband and I were horrified to find out that it had occurred many times before we found out.  When we asked Bookworm about it, he was forthcoming.

We reported it to the school and didn’t send him back to school.  At first we thought he’d just be out a few days until it became obvious that the school was not handling things in a way we would like.

During the days that he was home, I briefly thought about homeschooling, but at the time, I had a 6 month old and a just turned two year old.  Homeschooling seemed impossible and too out there for me.

By the next week, we had enrolled him in a different school.

The Problem Is Back Again

Everything was fine until recently when we learned the person responsible for the incidents when our son was in first grade will be at his school next year.  We expressed concerns to the administration at his school, and we were told that the school does not share our concern.

I prayed, I talked with my husband, and I talked to Bookworm.  I thought about my girls and how they were set to start at Bookworm’s school next year, too.

For nights, I had trouble sleeping.

For Now, Homeschooling Is the Best Fit

And then, little by little, I came to the conclusion that our best option right now is to homeschool.  Surprisingly, when I brought this up to my husband, he agreed.

Those of you who are on Facebook know that I was waiting to hear what the administration would do.  While I waited, I researched homeschooling and I reached out to other people I know who homeschool.

I knew, deep in my heart, that Bookworm wouldn’t be able to continue to attend the school.

I don’t take homeschooling lightly.  In fact, I’m a bit intimidated by the whole idea.

While my girls are eager to do, and I see them learning so much every day, I worry about being the one who will teach them to read.  What if I don’t do it right?  What if Bookworm falls behind in his studies?

But between the first school’s lack of action and the second school’s lack of concern, my husband and I have given up on private schools.  The public schools around here aren’t where we want to send our children, either.

And honestly, when I see reports on the news, I’m shocked by the way some teens behave.  I know it’s not like this everywhere, but when I see reports of teen girls and boys being harassed and bullied online and then committing suicide, I feel ill.  I can’t understand teen girls who pass out at parties and then get raped.  I don’t understand the rapists who share images of the rape and post it on social media.

As a mother to both a son and daughters, I worry about them.

I don’t know if we’ll homeschool forever.  Right now our goal is just to get through the first year and see how it goes.  I know it will be a big adjustment for Bookworm.  It’ll be a big adjustment for me!  But I also think it’s the absolute right move for our family right now.

If you’re a homeschooler, I’d appreciate any advice you have to give a newbie!

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