100_5057I’ve spent a lot of time nailing down a curriculum for Bookworm.  (I’ll share that one next week.)

However, I also spent a lot of time deciding how I want to teach the girls.  Teaching them to read especially intimidates me.  I love to read as does Bookworm, so I want to do a good job teaching the girls to read so they will love it as we do.

At the same time, I don’t want to teach them too much too soon and diminish the love of learning they now have.

Here’s the plan:

  • Continue to do ABCMouse.com with the girls every day.  We’ve been using this since January, and they still love it.  Best of all, they just think it’s fun.  They don’t consider it learning.
  • Use the book Before Five in a Row for the first 19 weeks of the homeschooling year.  We’ll go through each book one at a time over the course of a week.  I’ll use the suggested activities and also turn to Pinterest for inspiration.
  • Use some activities in Story of the World, Volume 1.  (This is the history book I’ll be using with Bookworm, and I plan to include the girls in some easy activities.)
  • Read several books to them every day
  • Use My Father’s World preschool activities and action cards to keep them busy while I’m teaching Bookworm.

That’s the plan for the fall.  Peanut Butter and Jelly Girl turns 5 in October, and I think she’s almost ready for kindergarten.  Starting perhaps in January, we may switch over to kindergarten materials for her.

If you homeschool, what did you use to teach your preschoolers?

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