When we moved into our house last August, my husband and I created a 10-year home improvement plan.  However, to keep myself focused and on track, I also wanted to share our home improvement goals for 2023:

Replace the kitchen and PB & J Girl’s light fixtures with ceiling fans

White, outdated light fixture with three lights on one base.

It gets hot in those areas during the summer, so, hopefully having fans in those rooms will help us cut down on our air conditioning.  (Plus, the light fixtures are outdated.)

Replace our dryer

(It’s been on the fritz since November, and nursing it along is nearly impossible now.)

Fill in the areas where the snow plows tore up our yard during the November six foot snowfall and the Christmas blizzard.

Bare Spots in our lawn from the snow plow

Not only are these areas ugly, they’re really hard to mow around.  But, I don’t blame the city.  Who could tell where yards are when you’re dealing with this much snow?

Edge the grass near the sidewalk and around our landscaping.

Right now, when I mow close to our landscaping, I grind up the wood chips there.

Waterproof/stain our deck

I have no idea how to do this.  If anyone does, I would appreciate the suggestions!

Cut down the four pine trees in our backyard and get rid of the additional stump

Four half dead pine trees in the back of a yard with a deck in the foreground

I really, really dislike these pine trees, first because they’re half dead, but also because now they’re dropping oodles of pine cones on the yard that I need to pick up every time I mow.  Grr.

Replace our master bedroom window

The window lets in a lot of cold air in the winter, and there is darkening around the knots in the wood.  It’s time to go, hopefully before this winter!

Put stakes in the ground in October to help the snow plows see where our yard is and hopefully not tear up our lawn again.

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