When we moved into our house in August 2022, my husband and I created a 10-year home improvement plan.  However, to keep myself focused and on track, we set home improvement goals for 2023 only.  We accomplished almost all of these goals except removing the pine trees and edging the yard.

Here’s a run down

Replace the kitchen and PB & J Girl’s light fixtures with ceiling fans

White, outdated light fixture with three lights on one base.
PB & J Girl’s Light Before

In April, the electricians we hired last year came back and added a ceiling fan to our kitchen and to PB & J Girl’s room.  It was a humid summer, so we were glad to have the additional ceiling fans.  (Plus, PB & J Girl got rid of her outdated light!)

PB & J Girl’s Light and Ceiling Fan After

Replace our dryer

We bought a new dryer at the end of April when it finally gave up the ghost.  We did nurse it through for seven months, until it flat out died.

Fill in the areas where the snow plows tore up our yard during the November six foot snowfall and the Christmas blizzard.

Bare Spots in our lawn from the snow plow

We tried to fill these in on our own, but we weren’t very successful.  Luckily, the city came by in the summer and filled in the holes and planted new grass for us, so the area was like new as we headed into the winter.  Let’s see if it gets torn up again this winter.  So far, we’ve barely had any snow, so if this continues, torn up grass shouldn’t be an issue next winter.


Edge the grass near the sidewalk and around our landscaping.

I didn’t get to this.  I’ll try again in the spring when the ground is soft.

Waterproof/stain our deck

We muddled our way through this process in the fall.  We got the job done, but at some point, we probably need to hire professionals to do this properly.  Maybe in a year or two.

Cut down the four pine trees in our backyard and get rid of the additional stump

Four half dead pine trees in the back of a yard with a deck in the foreground

I really, really dislike these pine trees, first because they’re half dead, but also because now they’re dropping oodles of pine cones on the yard that I need to pick up every time I mow.  Grr.  However, we didn’t have the money to do this project this year.  However, before we get to the back pine trees, my husband really wants to remove the large tree in the front of our yard; we’re both afraid it will fall on the house during a big storm and cause a lot of damage!

Replace our master bedroom window

Master Bedroom Window Before

Yes!  The window company we used last year for Cuddle Bug’s window had a sale, so we replaced the master bedroom window.  It’s so much nicer now!

Master Bedroom Window After

Put stakes in the ground in October to help the snow plows see where our yard is and hopefully not tear up our lawn again.

Yep, we’re ready for the snow, but so far, all we have received was one 15 inch snow storm and one 3 inch “storm”.  Now that I have the stakes in, I probably won’t need them this year!

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