I was browsing through My Year Without Spending one day when I saw a picture of all the beautiful, organic produce that had been delivered to her door. She had a link to find a like service in your neighborhood. I found a farm close by and bookmarked the link, but I couldn’t quite bring myself to pay $25 for the vegetables. Every once in awhile I would look at the link, and in July we finally tried ordering.

We loved it!!!! Grocery store produce is like a black and white version of vegetables; the organic vegetables that were picked that morning and delivered that afternoon to our door were like full spectrum color. They looked better than grocery store vegetables, and the taste, the taste was absolutely amazing!!

I don’t like celery much. It is a washed out, stringy, chewy, flavorless, joyless vegetable. But the celery that was delivered to our door was a vibrant green and had a full, lush top of leaves. It was as if I had never tasted celery before.

We got collard greens on our first order, which I would never, ever buy. I had never even tasted them before. I found a recipe by Ellie Krieger and tried cooking the collard greens. It was delicious.

We ordering for the second time this weekend; in addition to vegetables, we also ordered fruit. We weighed our order—23 pounds of fruits and vegetables, all fresh picked. We paid $50 plus a $5.50 delivery fee. We had the fresh corn and cucumbers with our barbecue that same night. Honestly, I have never enjoyed vegetables that much, but now it is fun to eat them.

I feel a bit conflicted about all this. As many of my readers know, I want to save money and quit my job within the year. It is hard to justify spending $50 a week on fresh, organic produce.

On the other hand, I don’t come from the best gene pool. (I love my family, but the genes are not so good.) My father died of cancer right after his 38th birthday. It is definitely in my best interest to eat all the fruits and vegetables I can.

So, for now, my husband and I agreed to continue to buy produce this way. It is delicious and it gets us to expand our produce repertoire (like the collard greens). We used to think nothing of dropping $50 for ONE sushi dinner. This is a week’s worth of produce. Delicious produce at that!

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