This post contains affiliate links.  We’ve been in New York two months now, and I can say this has been a much harder move than our move to Arizona.  There are several reasons for this, including that we were rushed to get out of our home in Arizona when we sold it (I still have to tell you that story!), we got COVID during the move, and New York is a high-regulation state, which means there’s just a lot more bureaucracy than in Arizona.  Still, we’re all glad that we made the move, and we’re settling in nicely.

Our First Two Months in New York

We’ve noticed a lot of difference between New York and Arizona, both good and bad.

What We’re Loving about New York

The Fall Colors

Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

I grew up in Michigan, and fall was my favorite season with spring running a close second.  My least favorite season was summer because I don’t like the heat.  Arizona didn’t really have a fall season, and I desperately missed the fall colors.  I’m so happy to see them again!  Our front yard has maple trees, and they are in the process of turning a spectacular red.  Don’t mind me over here reveling in all the beautiful fall colors for the next few weeks.

Plentiful Activities for Homeschoolers

We’re continually astonished how many more activities are available to homeschoolers here.  The girls are in gymnastics, dance, and American Heritage girls, but they’re also joining some library groups.  Just this week, opportunities came up for a ski group and a martial arts class for homeschoolers.  There are so many opportunities if time and money weren’t limiting us.

Excellent Schools

At this point, we don’t plan to put our kids in public school, but if we do, the schools here are excellent.

Proximity to So Many States & Activities

Photo by Mark Tegethoff on Unsplash

In Arizona, a 7-hour drive would get us to the top of the state, or to Los Angeles or New Mexico.  However, a 7-hour drive here gets us to several different states and so many attractions.  We can’t wait until next year when we can start vacationing in other nearby states.

I have wanted to visit Maine since I was a teenager.  Now, we’re so close, we should be able to go in the next year or two.

Quiet Neighborhood

Our neighborhood is so quiet!  There are train tracks nearby, but the train only runs during the day, so it’s not been an issue.  At night, it’s quiet, and just like our neighborhood in Arizona, there is a police officer living nearby.

What We Dislike

There’s not much we dislike about New York so far, but two things give us pause.

The Bureaucracy

So far, everything here seems to require additional steps thanks to the bureaucracy.  For instance, I have to submit several forms for homeschooling.

When my husband went to sign up for health insurance for the family with his new employer, he had to submit all of our birth certificates, social security cards, and our marriage license.  I don’t remember ever having to do that before when we got health insurance through work.

When we got New York license plates, we had to have our cars inspected to determine if they’re road worthy.  In Illinois and Arizona, we had to test our cars for emissions, but we’ve never had to have the entire vehicle inspected to determine if it’s road worthy.

The Winter

Our First Two Months in New York
Photo by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash

The winter looms, and I’m not going to lie, we’re both a bit terrified.  🙂  When we met our neighbors, they all talked about the winter, and when we asked about the snow, they recommended a three-stage snow blower.  We went to the store to price them, and they’re huge!

Then, someone mentioned that the snow will easily reach our kitchen window, which is four feet off the ground.  People assure me that the area does a great job with keeping the roads clear, but still, that’s a lot of snow!!

Final Thoughts

Overall, we’re setting into life in New York.  This move was our most challenging, but if all goes well, we plan to make New York our permanent home, so it’s all been worthwhile.

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