Favorite TOS Crew Products 2015Last month, the kids and I finished our second run on the TOS Crew review.  As a member of the Crew, the kids and I get to try out fun, new homeschool materials.  I started with the Crew just 5 months into our homeschooling journey, and I’m so glad to have joined and continued on with it over the last few years.

The kids and I have discovered some homeschool materials that we really enjoy.  I’d say now at least 50% of the curriculum we use is from Crew review products.

For our second run on the Crew, which ran from March – November, 2015, we reviewed 43 products!!

I thought I’d share the products we loved most, month by month.

I’m separating this out by

  • my choice,
  • Bookworm’s choice since he’s in middle school and often reviews different products than the girls, and
  • the girls’ choice since they review early elementary products.

March, 2015

We had four reviews this month.

My Choice:  Koru Naturals.  I loved these products.  My husband and I are both using the Emu Oil to help our rough, cracked heels.  When you wear sandals 8+ months of the year and live in the desert, dry, cracked feet are a given.

Bookworm’s Choice:  Thick as Thieves: A Circle C Milestone Book.  This book was our first introduction to Andi who lives in California on a ranch in the mid to late-1800s.  We’ve since read several more of these books.

Girls’ Choice: GPALOVEMATH.  Both Cuddle Bug and PB & J Girl currently use this math program as a supplement to their regular math studies.

April, 2015

We reviewed four products this month.

My Choice:  Greek Morpheme Lessons: It’s Not Greek to Me.  What a great way to teach children vocabulary!  Bookworm liked this product but thought it was a bit too advanced for him, so we’ve set it aside for 7th grade next year.

Bookworm’s Choice:  Same as my choice.

Girls’ Choice:  ARTistic Pursuits.  We reviewed K-3 Book 1, and we all liked the book so much that I’m using it to teach our elementary art co-op class next semester.

May, 2015

We reviewed five products this month.

My Choice:  Unbroken: Legacy of Faith Edition.  I love Louis Zamperini’s inspiration story.  I read the book and watched the movie.  This DVD took it a step farther by examining Zamperini’s faith and including live interviews with him.

Bookworm’s Choice: Homeschool Legacy’s Westward Ho! Part II.  This was our first introduction to unit studies, and we loved studying together as a family.  The girls still talk about the “sod” house we made out of brownies.

Girls’ Choice:  Same as Bookworm’s.

June, 2015

We reviewed seven products this month.  The decision to come up with a favorite was tough!

Tales from the Circle C Ranch

My Choice:  Tales from the Circle C Ranch.  I had never heard of author Susan K. Marlow before reviewing her products on the Crew.  Now, I’m in love with her works.  Bookworm loves reading her books and doing the lapbooks.  These are such a hit at our home that I’m ordering the lapbooks and younger Andi books for the girls to use next semester.

Bookworm’s Choice:  IEW Deluxe Combo Writing Package Level B.  Bookworm loved, loved, loved this program.  We set aside our grammar and writing program to use this IEW product, and he’s never gone back to the old one.  Bookworm has mapped out all of the IEW products he wants to use from 7th to 12th grade.  When we saw Mr. Pudewa at a homeschool conference, Bookworm was so excited, you would have thought he’d seen a rock star.  Two thumbs up on this excellent writing product!

Girls’ Choice:  No choices for the girls this month.

July, 2015

Ugh, we had only three reviews this month, but they were all quality products that we enjoyed and continue to use.

My Choice:  Heirloom Audio Productions With Lee in Virginia.  Bookworm and I were both in suspense while listening to this audio CD.  It is excellent entertainment and addition to our homeschool.

Bookworm’s Choice:  The same as my choice.

Girls’ Choice:  No products were specifically for the girls this month.

Come back next Monday for the second part of our favorite Crew Review products from 2015!

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