Our last debt repayment report was February 2nd, so here is the progress we have made since then:

The current balance and the change in balance since the last report are:

Business credit card: $1,424.20    -381.69

Personal credit card: $11,668.88    -128.78

My student loan: $5,859.76    -151.04

Husband’s student loans: $31,134.83     +24.36

Total: $50,087.67     -615.90 

A few notes:

  • I was hoping to have made more progress than we did this month, but snowflaking came to a screeching halt thanks to our March budget deficit.  Still, I am proud that the balances continued to go down and we did not resort to using credit.
  • I am not sure why my husband’s student loan balance went up.  He has 4 loans; two are in their grace period, though one of them is accruing interest while in the grace period.  The other two are consolidated and we are paying $155 a month.  I think the balance went up due to the interest on the unsubsidized loan in the grace period.  That frustrates me, and I can’t wait until we can attack his student loans with a vengance!

When we became Gazelle Intense on October 20, 2011, our balance was $57,966.01.  Since then, we have paid down 13.5% of our debt, or $7,878.34.

I am going to start further breaking down our debt.  Our first priority is paying off the credit cards.  Since October 20, 2011, we have paid off 35.5% of our credit card debt, or $7,223.55.

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