Our 97 pounds of ground beef right before we loaded it in the deep freezer.

Every year my husband and I purchase a ½ side of beef from my cousin’s husband.  He raises his Angus cows from birth until they are brought to the butcher.  He runs a small operation and currently has 15 cows, so we can’t always get the meat when we need it; when he slaughters the cows depends on how large they are because he doesn’t pump them full of grain to grow them quickly  They graze and have freedom to roam.  He said many of them don’t even get vaccinated let alone have any other shots or unnatural ingredients.

We were nervous about transporting the meat 3 hours in 60 degree weather, but we just covered it all with blankets.

This year, he didn’t have any cows ready when we normally buy in December, so we had to wait until Easter to pick up some from him.  Even in March he felt they were too small to go to the butcher, so he chose one to have completely turned into ground beef.  That means our ¼ cow this time is composed of ground beef made of all the prime cuts of meat.  My cousin and her husband have already tried the meat, and they said it was delicious because the quality is so high.

All told, we paid $524 for 97 pounds.  We got 84 packages of ground beef and two small packages of beef tenderloin filet.  This averages out to $5.40 per pound.

Is the price high?

Yes, it is higher than the price I would pay at the supermarket for ground beef, but I know how these cows were raised, I know that they weren’t pumped up with antibiotics and fillers, and that they were free to graze throughout their lifetime.  I know that when the cow was processed, it was processed alone.  All of the meat we have is from one cow and one cow alone, instead of several or hundreds of cows as happens at a large processing plant.  I know this meat does not contain pink slime.

That knowledge makes the price well worth it to me.

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