When we bought our house last year, we made a 10 year home improvement plan.  We spent several thousand dollars when we moved in, so this year will likely be a year to build up our home improvement fund.  We’ll make some improvements, but only a few, low-cost ones.

What We’ve Fixed So Far in 2023

Leaking Cracks in the Basement

Basement with a white strip covering a fixed, leaking basement crack & a hot water heater next to it.

This year we had to fix two more leaking cracks in the basement.  I know there is at least one more that has a small leak that will need to be addressed probably later this year.

Fixed the Basement Steps

I had thought we’d have to replace the entire basement steps.  However, the company who fixed the cracks in the basement said they could easily fix it by putting screws in each step.  They didn’t even charge us extra for the fix!  Best of all, now our steps are secure, and I’m not worried about crashing to the basement floor when I’m on them!

What We Hope to Fix Later in the Year

There are two home improvements that we are considering making this year:

Adding Ceiling Fans to PB & J and Bookworm’s Rooms

The upstairs is the hottest part of the house in the summer, so having ceiling fans in these two rooms will help keep them cool.  (The master bedroom and Cuddle Bug’s room already have ceiling fans.)

Removing the Five Large Pine Trees in our Backyard

Four pine trees in the backyard of a subdivision

These pine trees drive me nuts!  They are half dead, and in the fall, they drop a lot of dry needles that we have to rake up.

I mowed for the first time last week, and I kept running over hard pine cones, which isn’t good for the mower.  Plus, the two trees that haven’t been trimmed high attack me when I try to mow around them.

I would much prefer to use the space they’re in to plant lilac bushes and fruit trees.

What We Fixed in 2022

To recap, here’s what we completed in 2022:

  • Painted the front livingroom
  • Painted the hallway
  • Painted both Cuddle Bug’s & PB & J Girl’s room
  • Fixed two leaking cracks in the basement
  • Switched to GFCI electrical outlets in the kitchen and bathrooms
  • Added two electrical outlets in the basement
  • Replaced the weather stripping on the garage door
  • Replaced Cuddle Bug’s double-pane window with a triple pain window. (Her window had a chip in it, so it needed to be replaced. In addition, her room is on the same side our room is, so it gets cold in the winter.)

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