Sometimes, it’s just cheaper in the short run to go to the grocery store and pick up what I need.

This month, I’ve felt the pinch in the grocery budget because I’m paying for bulk purchases.  In early April we paid $590 for a 1/2 side of beef.  This will easily last us into the fall even with my Paleo diet, but paying for it upfront  caused us to scrape for the rest of the groceries we had to buy for the month.

Then, I needed to sign up for our vegetable CSA.  This must be paid upfront, weeks before we even get our first delivery.  I just wrote a check for the full amount, $850, and I’m still feeling the pain!

However, the CSA is a great bargain.  Beginning June 8th and running for 19 weeks, we’ll get enough produce for each week plus extra to freeze for the fall and winter.  It breaks down to  $44.73 a week.  But paying for it all upfront, before we get to begin to use it, seriously stings.

Finally, we are joining a new meat CSA, and we had to pay upfront for that.  We paid $115.50, and at the end of May we will get approximately 18 lbs. of chicken and pork as well as 8 dozen farm raised, free range eggs.

In another 6 weeks or so, our grocery bill should drop dramatically thanks to all the things we’ve already paid for and haven’t received.  Until then, we’ll keep a tight rein on the purse strings so no more grocery money flies out!

Watch the video for a full run down of what we purchased, what we spent, and what we ate for the week.

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