Thanks to our beef purchase that took 60% of our grocery budget, this month is extremely lean.  I was conservative with our purchases this week, but still, we only have $61 left to get us through all of April.  Not sure how that is going to happen, but I’ll do my best to stick to the budget.


This week was an easy grocery session.  All I bought was fresh fruits and the veggies that I need to eat.  The family is getting veggies in their freezer meals, and we still have frozen veggies that I bought at Costco last month.

Still, it’s pretty tight, and we still have 12 days left in the month.  This will be interesting.

The good news is that because I had such a light grocery week this week, I reduced the amount we are over on groceries for the year from approximately $228 to $78.  If I can stick to the budget for the next 12 days, we should be right on target for the year.

The video shows the groceries we bought as well as what we ate during the week.

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