We frequently go to visit my mom three hours from home, and a few times a year we stay for an extended period. When we are visiting, we are always very busy seeing relatives and taking the kids out to do fun activities. Without a plan, we can end up spending a lot of money on eating out, especially since my mom doesn’t like to cook and doesn’t like us to cook because she doesn’t like all of the dishes we dirty.

Enter freezer cooking.

Now, when we go to her house for an extended period of time, we pack up several freezer meals in our cooler and eat them throughout the week. We don’t have to worry about cooking (and messing up my mom’s kitchen), and she gets a nice, home cooked meal every night. It definitely works for us!

To see some of the other ways freezer cooking has benefitted our family, read my guest post at Life as Mom, “How Freezer Cooking Changed Our Life.”

If you are interested in trying out once a month cooking, enter my giveaway for Dinner Is Ready Cookbook and software. It will help you plan and execute a freezer cooking day.

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