This is our first year homeschooling, but already a few people, upon hearing that we are now doing so, have asked for advice and where to get more information because they are thinking about homeschooling their own kids.

I recently discovered The Old Schoolhouse Magazine’s November/December Issue online (for free!), and it will now be one of the places I tell families considering homeschooling to go.

Whether you’re a new or experienced homeschooler or your just considering homeschooling, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine ( has something for everyone (and for every subject you teach).  There’s also so you can read on the go!

When I first saw the cover, there were many articles for teaching reading including “8 Reading Strategies that Work” and “Reading Makes Me Happy, Now!”.  I naturally assumed that most of the magazine would be devoted to teaching reading, but I was wrong.  Instead, the magazine offered a wonderful variety of articles.

Articles about Teaching a Variety of Topics, Even the Arts

I found a fabulous article entitled, “Introducing Your Child to Classical Music”.  While I try to bring the arts into our homeschool experience, I’m not always as successful as I would like.  This article suggested that introducing classical music doesn’t have to be difficult.

Capture your children’s interest by asking questions and showing videos about the song/instrument/composer.  Giving biographical information is also good.  We all like to learn about others, and most children would be surprised to learn that Bach had 20 of his own kids!

Articles about Issues Facing Homeschoolers

Most homeschoolers find Common Core to be a hot button topic, and in this issue, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine addresses three difficulties homeschoolers might face thanks to the Common Core–being judged by admissions officers as not college worthy because they were not taught to the Core, being at a disadvantage when taking the SAT or the ACT because homeschooling parents didn’t teach to the test, and being forced as homeschoolers to teach to the CCSS Standards.  I found the article informative and reassuring in its response to these concerns.

Articles for Parents of Students of All Ages

While some magazines cater to one age group, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine does a fabulous job of covering the entire spectrum of ages of children that you might teach.  There are articles about teaching your children to read to articles about your high school students tackling dual enrollment in college courses.

Articles for Parents

Lastly, there are articles just for parents such as “Learn to Manage a Business by Managing the Kitchen” and “A Tale of Two Friends,” which is an inspirational story about friendship and faith.

This magazine is comprehensive and filled with meaty articles.  Honestly, I couldn’t finish the magazine in one sitting.  Instead, I read it over several days, gleaning tips and inspiration as I read.

The Old Schoolhouse (, producer of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, offers more than the magazine on their site.  They also have a blog which is updated regularly and a place to sign up for their weekly newsletter.

If you’re considering homeschooling or already do and don’t know about The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, you’ll want to check out this site today.

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