For October’s budget, we are working on my husband’s salary of $1,888.69 and the money I earned in September, $1453.99, giving us a total of $3342.68. Here is the plan:

October 2011 Budget

Laundry 40 (we have to use a coin operated washer; we air dry our clothes)

Rent 1000

Groceries, Toiletries & Diapers 425

ComEd 40

AT & T 35

Comcast 52

Son’s school 480

Misc. 75

Gas/Transportation 250

Student Loan 192

Life insurance 77

Husband’s spending money 20

My spending money 20

Credit card payment 386

Car repair 250

Tithes Private

TOTAL $3342.00

This month I brought in $1453.99 through writing/advertising/virtual assistant work. I have been hoping to make $500 a month; I figured the beginning of the year I would make less than that but by the end of the year I would be making more monthly. So far, I brought in an average of $635.99 a month. Each month it is going up, so I am encouraged, but we still have a ways to go to earn enough for our expenses.

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