I have been saying this recently on my monthly goals, but it is finally time for a pantry challenge. 

This pantry challenge will begin today and will end on November 30th.  There are several benefits I hope come out of this pantry challenge:

1.  We can use up our surplus beef stock and make room for the beef we will purchase in December.

2.  We can reduce our food waste.  A clear sign that I have been spending too much on groceries is that we have been wasting more and more food.  If we have less food in the house, we will have less waste.

3.  In January, when I am officially on an unpaid leave of absence, our income will be about $1,000 short each month.  My husband is currently looking for a part-time job in addition to his other job, and I am looking into part-time work from home.  However, my husband would prefer that I focus my energy on keeping up the home and taking care of the kids (and relaxing by keeping up this blog) rather than working. 

To do my part, I am starting to squirrel away any “found” money.  We surprisingly got a refund from my son’s school that he transferred out of, so I put that money in the savings to help us in January.  The money that I save from this pantry challenge will also go in our savings for January. 

We usually spend about $90 to $100 a week from groceries, so during this 3 week pantry challenge period, we would typically spend $300.  I am challenging myself to spend no more than $100 (this money includes all groceries, toiletries and diapers). 

I will report back weekly and let you know how we are doing.

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