100_3407aWe’ve found ourselves in the perfect place for a no spend challenge.

We’ve just returned from Boston where my husband had a conference (more on that coming in the next few weeks), so money is tight.  (Remember, his employer has him pay all the expenses out of pocket, and then they reimburse him in 2 to 3 months.)

We bought a whole hog, which made a serious dent in our monthly grocery budget.

In addition, we have a weekly fall vegetable CSA that is coming to us every week through mid-December and is already paid for.

We’re stocked on food, but we have to keep expenses as low as possible while we wait for my husband’s reimbursement check.

The Parameters of Our No Spend Challenge

So, here are the parameters of our no spend challenge:

1.  The challenge will last from November 1st to November 22nd.

2.  During the 3 weeks of the challenge, we will only have $200 to spend total for gas, food, entertainment, toiletries, and miscellaneous.  (That equates to approximately $66 a week.)

3.  For the next three Tuesdays, I will give you an update on our challenge.

Why a No Spend Challenge?

Besides trying to keep our finances in order, I’m also hoping the no spend challenge will curb the need to spend.

Simply put, we have to much stuff, and I want to learn the habit of not buying.  I’m tired of clutter and want to free myself of it and also learn greater discipline when it comes to spending.

I want to learn how to be grateful for what I have instead of seeking more, and I think this no spend challenge will help me do that.

Want to Join?

Would you like to join me this month in the no spend challenge?

Every Tuesday I’ll also include a linkie so you can include your results.  For today, you can link up your own parameters for the no spend challenge.  You decide how much you’ll allow yourself to spend and how long your challenge will last.

How We’ve Done So Far

We’re 4 days into our no spend challenge.  Here’s how we’ve done so far:

November 1st:  No spending

November 2nd:  $7 on ice cream at an ice cream parlor per PB & J Girl’s request for her birthday.  She chose this instead of a birthday cake.

November 3rd:  $7 for coconut and a bit of fruit; $10 for gas (that only brought me to 1/4 tank of gas, so this should be interesting!)

November 4th:  $28 groceries–I went to Costco and bought 2 dozen eggs, tortilla chips, potato chips, and dates  (that will probably be the last junk food we buy during this challenge.)

Amount spent so far:  $52.

Every time I’ve had a no spend challenge, I always overspend because I spend too much at the beginning of the challenge.  This time I plan to succeed by staying within the allotted weekly budget each week.

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