Now that June is almost over, I thought I would share what I learned about myself and my family during these 4 weeks when I tried to spend less than $500.

–I like to spend money. There is no denying that. I don’t go out and buy large items like a flat screen tv, but every day, I like to go out and pitter away a little money for a snack, or a coffee, etc. It is just a bad habit that needs to be broken.

–I like to go out to eat, especially when it is really hot or I am stressed. We only went out to eat once this month (spending $11 at Subway), and I am seriously missing it. Because I am missing it so much, I think we must typically go out to eat much more than I realize. Going to a nice restaurant or eating at Subway, either way, it adds up over time.

–My family consumes way too much pop and chocolate (okay, mostly it’s me).

–I feel like I have to rush to the store and get every deal. Like the Breyer’s ice cream deal. Was it a good deal? Yes. Was it a smart purchase during a no spending month? Not at all. I can now see that many of the grocery store deals are for junky food that I shouldn’t be buying anyway.

–I am a bit of a hoarder. I really didn’t realize this until this challenge. Because I knew we had only a limited amount of money, I found myself continually stocking up on the staples in case we ran out of money by the end of the month (which we did, in part because I was continually stocking up on staples!).

–My husband is very supportive, but he does have his favorite brands that he wants to buy. He was none too happy when I made him buy the Kraft BBQ sauce that we could get for .50 after coupons instead of the Famous Dave’s BBQ sauce we love. Considering he is not very fussy generally, I think I can buy him the few brands he likes.

When I was about 17 and in between jobs, I had $10 left to spend until I got a new job and my first paycheck. Nothing, and I do mean nothing, could part me with that $10. Sadly, I am not that person anymore. I need to learn that skill again.

This month, while not a total success, was certainly an eye-opener, which is its own kind of reward. Did you have a no spending month? If so, how did you do?

By the way, if you are interested, here is how the last 4 days of our spending challenge looked:
6/26–$11 Subway
6/28–23.72 CVS (diapers)

Total for the last 4 days–44.72
Total for the month–635.51

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